Cañon City in southern Colorado is the home of the Museum of Colorado Prisons, a showcase of the atmosphere and exhibits of days, staff and inmates gone by.

A visit to the the Royal Gorge Region isn't complete without stopping and "doing time" in this historical cell house that was the original Women's Correctional Facility constructed in 1935.



The remodeled facility now welcomes visitors to explore the history of Colorado Corrections. Individual MP3 audio tours guide visitors through 32 cells filled with exciting exhibits and life sized models that link the past to the present in dramatic presentation. Other artifacts and exhibits include:

  • The hangman's noose used for the last execution by hanging in Colorado
  • Confiscated inmate weapons and contraband
  • The last gas chamber
  • Rare, historic photographs depicting life in prison facilities
  • Displays of disciplinary paraphernalia used from 1871 to the present
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons display
  • Inmate Arts and Crafts
  • Gift Shop
  • And much more!


Only by preserving and studying the past, can we avoid repeating mistakes that were made. Through education, we gain awareness of present and future problems involving populations of our prisons.

The Museum's mission is to be a regional resource center that preserves and presents the history and evolution of the Colorado prison system. We need your support. Click here to print out the Membership Form or Click to email form directly!

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